Meet Nikki

Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Transformational Leader

I’m Nikki Brown and I’ve spent most of my life working through and defining the layers of transformation in not only myself, but also the organisations I have served and the people I have led and mentored throughout my career. I have reshaped the structures and environments around me to make my goals and the goals of others possible.


With over 15 years in senior corporate executive roles, I understand the dynamics and complexities of organisations. I also understand the opportunities this environment can and can’t present as you navigate your career and your life. That is why it is my deep desire and purpose to coach you and others like you, as you transform into the person you’re here to become.


To date, I have coached, mentored and supported many leaders and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries. Through my own experience and uniquely personalised approach, I’ve guided them to reach their highest potential. Not only in their personal lives, but in the way they lead their teams, run their businesses and ultimately in how they have reshaped the system and environment they are working within.


If you are ready to connect with your deepest desires and achieve your highest potential, it would be my privilege to support you.


‘Having held senior leadership roles in a number of ASX companies through periods of dramatic transformation, Nikki understands the dynamics of organisations, systems and individuals under stress. This positions her perfectly to provide incredible insight and coaching, having been there herself.


I highly recommend Nikki if you are looking for personal transformation and coaching.’ ~ Jeff Wilson